Twisted Halls

Into the Temple

10/3 Session Notes

Encounter 1 – The Dragon

After being ambushed by wolves and goblins in the previous session on the road back to the temple, the party finally made it into the ancient halls. They were quickly greeted by a group of Kobolds, who took them to their Dragon leader. The party tried to parley with the Dragon but were not successful. After Max Power was nearly taken out by the dragon’s freezing breath, the group decided to escape the chamber after it was clear the dragon only wanted to protect his treasure.

No XP gained

Encounter 2 – Vesting Room

The party ran to what turned out be an ancient vestry of the Minotaur priests. Thanks to Max Power’s perception skills, they were able to determine there was a pit trap hidden underneath a rug. Despite this, Deadshot still managed to trigger it but he escaped falling in by using his quick reflexes. The party then faced an old mangy rat and a small group of goblins who were holed up in the 2 rooms. During the battle Deadshot attempted to heroically jump the pit but fell in. Max Power rescued him using his trusty rope. After defeating the rat and the goblins, the party decided to barricade the doors and take an extended rest.

95 XP gained



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